A tribute to your workplace

Frame Offices creates places that work. Flexibly scaling in your business sizes free from tenants worries, full focusing on your own business growth and employees happiness. Frame Offices is a tribute to your workplace. Whether it is in the dynamic heart of the urban jungle or in the surroundings of rural retreats.

Office space

Offices for everyone and in every size. Whether you are operating alone, in small teams or as a multinational, Frame Offices for sure has inspiring places to grow your business.

Flex work

Don't get stuck on your Freelance loneliness. Find the place that works for you in our business club. Pick your private desk, join the reading table or place yourself in our 5***** lobbies.


Fresh up your meeting outcomes. Minute meetings discrete board meetings, conferencing days or phenomenal events? Our hospitality team supports you every step of the way.

Designed by Frame Offices

We design places that invest in individuals, so they feel valued and cared for. That is why Frame Offices makes places that work. You will definitely experience the positive design impact on building stronger business relationships, providing your employees ease of collaboration and choice where they work fostering their sense of autonomy.
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Working Life Services

Our hospitality team loves to take care of you and your visitors. Nothing makes a place more personal than a genuine laugh, anticipated support and a warm welcome. Our food gurus will daily cheer you up with the best coffees and healthy refreshments.
Time Savers
We work your household chores through the day with laundry, dry cleaning, shoemaking services.
Our food gurus will daily cheer you up with the best coffees and healthy refreshments.
Virtual office
On demand office access with postal and phone services.
Unwind, de-stress, uplift and power your brains with Breakout facilities.

News Frame

Follow our latest news, location launches, company announcements, activation or investment programs. Frame Inside will update you on all the thoughts and activities of the Frame Offices Communities.
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Selma Barakovic - Onze nieuwe Office Manager

Selma start als nieuwe Office Manager voor Frame Offices.
Quote: Zo nieuwsgierig als ik ben, ging op onderzoek uit!

Creatieve hub en hotel voor ondernemers

Van oud ver­za­mel­ge­bouw naar een creatieve hub. Frame Offices geeft gebouw een nieuwe start.